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Summer Vibez parfum encompasses the warm, fresh sensations of summertime. This alluring cologne mixes citrus, floral, and woody accords for an entirely masculine and intriguing scent that’s sure to have heads turning as you walk along the sandy shore. Top notes of bergamot, bitter orange, green apple, and tangerine open the aroma with a bright…

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Summer Vibez parfum encompasses the warm, fresh sensations of summertime. This alluring cologne mixes citrus, floral, and woody accords for an entirely masculine and intriguing scent that’s sure to have heads turning as you walk along the sandy shore. Top notes of bergamot, bitter orange, green apple, and tangerine open the aroma with a bright and zesty atmosphere that brings immediate energy to your day. Meanwhile, heart notes of lavender, balsam peru, and cannabis add a robust, all-natural earthy element that’s impossible to ignore. Completing the fragrance is the creamy base note of sandalwood, vetiver, amber, and musk creating a refreshing and inspiring scent that elevates your summer fun.

[Release date: July 2020]


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26 reviews for SUMMER VIBEZ 2.0 – PARFUM – 60ML

  1. Michael Goldston

    Received my sample today and boy oh boy.. this fragrance is off the chain!! I ordered 2 bottles. 🔥 🔥 🔥

  2. James H. Brown

    This scent is my new favorite summer banger. Strong smell & great. Nothing but compliments all day.

  3. Nicholas Spain

    Excellent fragrance. I stay in Florida, so I will wear this all year long.

  4. Daniel P Heusler (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it, great product and an even better company. I ordered two bottles and one showed up broken (gotta love the post office) and when I reached out, they immediately got another bottle in the mail to me. Oh and the fragrance itself smells downright fantastic, love this house!

  5. Dapper on a Dime

    This is a fantastic summer scent that is very versatile and will be appealing to most. The quality is easy to notice with this fragrance. One of the great things about this summer scent is that it out performs every other summer scent I have tried. Most will only last for a handful of hours at best, but Summer Vibes will stay on the skin for over 12 hours.

  6. Scents of South Jersey ~ Kelan

    Fresh Clean & FUN this scent is the epitome of a summer party, citrus explosion drying down to a creamy amber sandalwood combo, performance is amazing as well! Can’t go wrong !


    This truely Summer party in a bottle. I picture backyard barbeque and playing dominoes. This lasted well beyond 12 hours and I know because I work 12 hour night shifts and got waffs of it all night. It was still on my chest and rubbed had and brought to my nose and was like WOW

  8. Cole Adams

    Very fresh and masculine.

  9. Giles James

    Scent is amazingly fresh… if you’re looking to smell fresh all day, look no further!

  10. Evan,

    Amazing, I do Frag reviews on Instagram, and you will not be let down by this house!

  11. Wali (verified owner)

    Excellent cologne for Australia summer.

  12. Andrew Thomas

    Super fresh and performance is off the chain!!

  13. Samuel Bare (verified owner)

    I’d purchased this as a semi-blind buy. Ross from TLTG talked about this fragrance house in a few videos and this scent seemed to be the most well received.

    I am incredibly impressed. I anticipated it being a great fragrance, but I am blown away. It smells incredibly unique and also manages to be entirely inoffensive in the process.

    Longevity and projection are top notch.

    If you’re looking for a good spring/summer scent that’ll last you all day, you’ve found it.

  14. Carlito (verified owner)

    Summer summer summer time!!! I want to drink it and wash it down w a shot of sex on the beach…

  15. joe visman (verified owner)

    Came recommended by TLTG Reviews and this did not disappoint. Amazing smell and long lasting. High quality lemon scent. Will order another 60ml for backup because it is that good.

  16. Kyle (verified owner)

    Just got this today and I’m already obsessed. Incredible freshie!

  17. Thomas Glassner

    I have so many scents and the summer vibes is probably my favorite and your claims of 12 hours is so True!
    I probably will buy 2-4 more scents but I want to try them so I don’t waste money on my expensive hobby!

  18. 2wo Langley

    This juice is phenomenal for warm weather. It performs and projects exceptionally well. This is the only fragrance in my collection that my entire family reaches for. Even my 10 year old son & 13 year old daughter have been wearing this one and that’s a new thing.

  19. Francisco J.

    After many recommendations from different sources on YouTube, mainly TLTG Reviews, I finally gave Summer Vibez a shot and it was love at first sniff! I am beyond impressed with the scent profile, the longevity, and the price is without a doubt, a bargain. I am so glad that my first Indie Fragrance was from Authenticity Perfumes. Outstanding product and I’ll be sure to spread the word and come back for some of the other offerings.

    The only issue that I had was that I waited almost 4 weeks for it to get delivered to me, other than that, everything was fantastic!

  20. Carlos (verified owner)

    This is my favorite fragrance ever.. I cannot explain how good it is. Reason for the 3 stars is that the bottle I received, does not last. I got max 6 hours. Could be that I got a bad bottle or the heat messed with the fragrance during shipping. I reached out to swap bottles since the one I got wasn’t good, and I’m required to pay for the shipping. Other companies would cover the shipping, no issue. Overall I love the fragrance but I was hoping for some more help.

  21. Donovan Morris (verified owner)

    The vibe I get immediately is the Bitter Orange 🍊 that is bright, zesty and effervescence that just energizes you.

    I get the Lavender and the Cannabis that provides an fresh, earthy vibe. Then I get a creamy Sandalwood along with some Vetiver that delivers a grassy, refreshing and pleasant experience that makes this a great fragrance. Authenticity Perfumes continues to deliver banger after banger with their releases and this will be in my summer rotation!!

  22. Duy

    Just smelled this for the first time today and I got to say this was love at first sniff! I was completely blown away! This fragrance is now my favorite fragrance in my entire collection of over 60 bottles! You CANNOT get a fragrance fresher and citrusy then this! This is THE BEST men’s fragrance PERIOD! If I had to get rid of every fragrance in my collection but one, this would be the one I keep forever! I am completely and utterly baffled that such perfect fragrance exists! And with a 50% oil concentration, this cologne can only get better with age! BUY IT!

  23. jason.wllms (verified owner)

    Okay: I have gotten so many reviews about Summer Vibes and it was the beginning of summer so I ordered it. It was okay, I don’t get 12 hours but people skin is different so I didn’t care about that.. On me it smelled like cereal. But it was good, just was a different smell to me, the Lime almost went off like candy. I wear it but not a lot. Now I got the sample pack and I wish I would have bought Silver Luxe, that coconut scent is the bomb. I enjoyed all the scents in the sample pack a little more. They have the bomb scents but get a sample pack you might like some of the others more.

  24. aurabladex93 (verified owner)

    This was the first one in the line that I tried and it also taught me an important lesson about letting your newly purchased fragrances sit for a while. My first wearing I got loud sour green apple and other fruits, Eventually you got the mid notes as well but the sour never went away. A little over a week later it calms down and now I get a delicious Sprite soda smell that settles into something a bit tangy but addicting, which I presume to be the balsam peru. I can easily see why other summer vibes are limited stock but this one alone is a permanent addition to the line. It’s because this fragrance is perfection. It compelled me to try everything else in the line. Just get it don’t worry if it’s summer or not. As long as you don’t hate green apple I think it’s the best in the line.

  25. Brian (verified owner)

    This one is just ok for me. My expectations were high because Summer Vibez 4.0 is so good. This one isn’t quite on the same playing field. Not a terrible scent, but comes off a bit soapy and synthetic. Similar to laundry detergent. The plus side is that if you enjoy the scent, it’s a true beast made fragrance.

  26. Justin Porter (verified owner)

    As I found Silver Luxe to be a masterpiece, I had high hopes for this one as well, so I blind bought a full bottle. Disappointed. It is devoid of any sweetness, and smells of dish soap, citronella candles, and laundry powder. Harsh, Synthetic and Metallic are the best words to describe this fragrance. Perhaps I could use it as an air freshener for the bathroom. Wish I had spent the money on another Silver Luxe.

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