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Barbershop parfum is a fresh, masculine fragrance bursting with top notes of bergamot and mouth-watering lemon. The exhilarating top notes lead into middle notes of sweet basil, fir, and oakmoss that infiltrate the aroma with a botanical vibe that’s entirely refreshing and clean. Finally, base notes of patchouli, cedarwood, and musk round out this energizing perfume for a delectable and charming fragrance that’s sure to leave people astounded in your wake.

With moderate sillage and groundbreaking longevity, this fragrance is appropriate for ALL season.

**This parfum has 50% fragrance oil concentration and guaranteed to last 12 hours or more**

[Release date: May 2020]

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13 reviews for BARBERSHOP – PARFUM – 60ML

  1. JB (verified owner)

    Review for BARBER SHOP – PARFUM – 60ML
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  2. JB (verified owner)

    I just received my order today of the Barber Shop Cologne. This brings me back to the Barbershop I grew up going to. The scent is fresh, clean and smells like advertised. This scent does not disappoint. If you like the smell of a Old Time Barber Shop like me. You’ll love this.

  3. Harry Franklin

    Fathers day gift. Dad loved it. Great cologne.

  4. Francis Tormen

    Loving this scent. A little goes a long way. Barbers get this!

  5. Chanelle Betzner

    I accidentally bought this, thinking that it would be the lemon, but I was pleasantly surprised. It smells amazing, and although I’m a female, I use some of it everyday, to splash my hands. It has a masculine smell, but to me its very relaxing.

  6. Chris Simpson

    I have worn a lot of colognes and this one is by far one of the best! My wife actually picked it out for me. She loves it so much that she wears it sometimes too!! LOL

  7. Carl Johnson

    This fragrance is pretty strong and pleasant, and can be worn all year long. I love it.

  8. Dapper on a Dime

    Barber shop definitely lives up to its name. Immediately when you smell it you will get a classic barber shop vibe. It’s isn’t too powdery or go too heavy on one particular scent. The notes complement each other extremely well to create a beautiful barber shop scent. This fragrance also will stay on the skin all day. We are talking over 12 hours of performance. That’s very impressive, and few companies offer products that have such performance. This is a high quality fragrance with a modest price of tag. This is worth every penny and then some.

  9. Charles Hudson

    A lovely scent and so glad I have now found another fragrance for my collection – a good investment and strong but not off-putting.

  10. Benson William

    My bottle arrived today and I decided to put some on to see how it smelled. I liked it. I then had to go to the grocery store and as I was walking to the entrance from my car, there were two foul-mouthed teenagers walking behind me. I heard one of them say to the other “Damn, that dude’s cologne smells good as as f%#@”. So, that’s a good first review…I guess?

  11. Ted Brown

    Smells fantastic. Don’t hesitate to buy this.

  12. Joseph Fernandez

    Love the long lasting scent all the woman always ask what I’m wearing, they have newer scents available now but I prefer this one.

  13. Christopher Fleming

    This stuff smells amazing. Buy it you won’t be disappointed.

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