About Us

Authenticity Perfumes LLC was born in July 2019 as an independent fragrance house from Norfolk, VA. After seeing the market dominated by foreign companies taking money from American wallets while contributing little to nothing to our economy, we created a product that you can buy knowing that you’re supporting a local USA-made brand that gives back to its people. We believe that a good fragrance should make you feel special anywhere you go. Whatever the situation, it should focus all eyes on you as you enter the room. Any room. Unfortunately, the products available on the market either don’t fully accomplish this or, if they do, the prices make them essentially out of reach for those who aren’t willing to spend a fortune to stand out. To ensure everybody has access to top-quality fragrances, we decided to disrupt the status quo of the industry.

The main goal behind our brand is to create high-quality fragrances (with 50% oil concentration) that last for a whole day or night without forcing you to spend more than you feel comfortable with. We accomplish this by using only raw and USDA-certified materials in our production process, which not only ensure longevity but can also be used safely, without you having to worry about harming your skin. All of this makes Authenticity Perfumes LLC a brand of fragrances you can wear with pride – anywhere you need to shine.