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Summer Vibez 4.0 is a fresh fragrance that blends citrus, aromatic, and woody accords for an invigorating scent that enhances any casual summer wardrobe. Pineapple, bergamot, lemon, and neroli create a zesty and energetic atmosphere that awakens the senses with every spray. Meanwhile, clary sage, jasmine, rosemary, and marine notes incorporate a raw mix of masculine and earthy delights, only to be sharpened by the cool blast of refreshing mint leaves. Finally, notes like virginia cedar, patcholi, and sensual musk finish the intoxicating aroma for an altogether unique and charming fragrance you and everyone around you won’t be able to ignore.

[Release date: May 2022]




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10 reviews for SUMMER VIBEZ 4.0 – PARFUM – 50ML

  1. Jia Chen (verified owner)

    Juicy Pineapple bomb ! Have not tested on skin yet, but off the test strip on initial spray is a blast of fresh cut pineapple. I do get the lemon there as well. It mixes well with the pineapple. There is definitely a mint mixed in there as well. I do get a bit of woodiness in there, but currently the stars of the show is still pushing hard, and that is the pineapple and the lemon. If you are a fan of juicy pineapple and lemon, You won’t be disappointed !

  2. Carlito (verified owner)

    Summer summer and more summer a pineapple margarita crushed drink! I’m drunk off this delicious concoction wowwwww all the notes perfectly blended! AP is an indie house on the up n up! Don’t sleep on this, but if your not into fruity candy like notes then pass! Yummy yummy 😋 yummy!

  3. James Grant (verified owner)

    Fantastic summer fragrance, and very unique.

  4. Chris (verified owner)

    I purchaed a bottle of Summer Vibes 4.0 , after smelling this fragrance, I was so suprized at the quality and scent profile, how clean light not overpowering long lasting scent. Fresh, pinnapple fruity, clean scent. Afterwards I purchaed 2 more bottles.This is a must have! A+++++, 5 star.

  5. mdevose (verified owner)

    A tropical fruity fragrance with a twist. The twist is the aromatic elements of rosemary and clary sage, and a subtle mintiness. This starts off with a blast of fruity, sweet almost candy like pineapple. It reminds me of a fizzy pineapple soda. It settles down to an almost barbershop style fragrance with the herbs coming through along with the fruity aspects of the fragrance. It’s not spicy like barbers powder but sweet, kinda soapy, fresh, fruity and herbal at the same time. This was a blind buy and I’m not disappointed. Another great job Authenticity Perfumes.

  6. Richard Remillard (verified owner)

    Another great summer banger. While it didn’t replace 2.0 as my favorite, this is a great addition. Picture the smell of dehydrated pineapple fruit. Great when the sun heats it up too..

  7. Marcus Baumgardner (verified owner)

    I ordered this blind based on a YouTube review. I was not disappointed. By far my favorite summer go to. Absolutely incredible. Hoping that next years release is even half as good

  8. Lucius St John (verified owner)

    Smells like fresh pineapple, reminds me of being by the pool as a kid and eating fresh cold pineapple

  9. Brian (verified owner)

    This is a fun and unique summer scent. More playful than complex, but perfect for the warm weather. If you’re looking for something fresh and different, this is it.

  10. Robert (verified owner)

    Nice scent. 5-6 hour longevity.

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