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Introducing Authenticity Eau De Parfum, our flagship fragrance meticulously crafted for the discerning gentleman. Aptly nicknamed the “Chick Magnet,” this upscale blend is designed to enhance your sex appeal, reaching unprecedented heights. Ideal for summer days, sultry nights, or any occasion demanding confidence and adventure.

Immerse yourself in the sophisticated fusion of top notes including grapefruit, sweet orange, lemon, and pineapple, seamlessly intertwining with mid notes of rosemary, peppercorn, and jasmine. Alluringly anchored by a base note of patchouli, cedar, and sandalwood, this exquisite blend embodies the epitome of masculine allure.

[Release date: July 2019]


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67 reviews for AUTHENTICITY – EAU DE PARFUM – 50ML

  1. Tom Wilson

    This perfume is the real deal! I wear perfume every day; not just on special occasions but every day. Because of the sheer number of men’s perfume on the market I like to experiment and try different one’s. Once in a while I find one that I like so well I continue to wear it year after year. This doesn’t happen very often, so when I happen across one that I can’t conceptualize living without I add it to my list of permanent perfumes. I had this one locked in my sights for a while. Today it arrived and I have to tell you I’ve never had the pleasure of smelling something this incredible before. I can’t think of any perfume over the year’s that even come close to the unmistakable smell of this one. It’s completely unique while being so very subtle. This perfume is, without a doubt, being added to my permanent perfume collection (which by the way consists of less than five). As to the question of whether I would recommend this perfume I believe my review speaks for itself.

  2. Rebecca Taylor

    I’ve used the same perfume for a long time and decided it was time to switch it up. This perfume provided me with the refreshingly elegant cologne I was looking for.

  3. Valentino Vasquez

    Love this perfume. I get nothing but good compliments from the ladies and I am married >.> I love the smell and makes me feel very sexy. Highly recommended.

  4. James Cooper

    Chick Magnet + Panty Dropper 🔥 🔥

  5. Michael West

    My most complimented perfume so far. It is a definite crowd pleaser. women from their early twenties to women in their fifties found something to like. Great buy and for around 30 bucks could be a signature scent for any man.

  6. Rondalle Matthews

    Just got it and I’m overall satisfied with my purchase! It doesn’t smell too heavy and has a slightly sweet smell. I don’t know how long it lasts but I’m on hour 5 and it’s still good. In the past Burberry cologne used to be my go to but I think this will replace it!

  7. Tony Porter

    Definitely authentic. This stuff is one of my favorite fragrances. If you’re specifically looking for the scent like me, Look no further. Ladies if you wanna get your man a great scent. This is it!

  8. Daniel Lee

    Smells better than most high end fragrances sold in stores. Highly recommended.

  9. Linda M. Brown

    Got as a sample before deciding to buy the full bottle and I have to say I’m in love with the scent. I find myself smelling my wrist periodically because it’s just so good. Throughout the day it changes and each change brings on a refreshing new scent that I love as equally as the longevity.

  10. Mark A. Craig

    The smell is super nice and fresh and the bottle looks great too!

  11. Louis Johnson

    Arrived on time. Same as advertised. No complaints for now. I am happy with this product. Normal looking product. And girls love the smell, i recommend it. I will buy again.

  12. Stacey Williams

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this scent. My husband ordered it for himself and I just want to eat him alive which works out perfectly for him. It’s a nice soft scent but it’s bold and manly at the same time. It lasts forever. We went to dinner the other night and the next morning I could still smell it on him. My husband is a bit of a fragrance whore and this is by all means my favorite one he has.

  13. Nidal Mohammed

    I love this perfume! And i had compliments from lots of people since i started using it, The perfume stays the whole day, i use 3-4 sprays and thats it, and i dont like to use more.
    2 of my friends already bought this because i told them to get it and they are happy with it.

  14. Lakisha Daniels

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  15. Anthony Pearson

    OMG. This perfume smells like a premium designer fragrance. Price is awesome for a 100ml bottle.

  16. Wendy F. Walker

    Great smell for a great price I definitely recommend this product if you like your man to smell yummy.

  17. Brian Jeremy

    I’ve been using cool water for years until i ordered Authenticity. It’s just a nice clean fresh scent and is very cheap for the amount you get.

  18. Peter Mill

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  19. Sarah Rodgers

    This my husband’s favorite cologne. I was excited when it came as it was a bigger bottle than what I thought I had bought, so it was an even better price than I had expected

  20. Curtis Johnson

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  21. Frank Murray

    So happy I purchased this! Smells so good! Its the real thing.

  22. Kevin Greene

    I love this stuff and can’t get enough of it. The scent is perfect, not overpowering. Women seem to like it on me ( a lot!).

  23. Diana Graham

    I got this for my boyfriend. He really likes the scent and it lasts a long time. I would definitely recommend it as a gift.

  24. Diana Graham

    I got this for my boyfriend. He really likes the scent and it lasts a long time. I would definitely recommend it as a gift

  25. Joshua Fraser

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  26. Robert Howard

    I’ve purchased many popular brands of mens cologne, over time. Authenticity is my favorite of my varieties of colognes I own. I’ve been very pleased with the soft and calm scent that doesn’t interfere with my interactions with people.

  27. Irene Jerald

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  28. Bethany Douglas

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  29. Cynthia Bloomberg


  30. Toby Matthew

    hot scent

  31. Peter Lattimore

    Excellently done. I highly recommend this cheapie.

  32. Craig Carlos

    Item as described, smells really good.

  33. Victor G

    One of my favorites to wear daily and a good price for the size of bottle.

  34. Sean Torna

    This product exceeded my expectations! I have no complaints about this EDP. It smells fresh, vibrant, sporty, and very summery. This cologne is everything I wanted, and then some! I actually went from using Versace cologne to this masterpiece, and I will not go back! I bought this for $29.99, so naturally I was a little skeptical. But after trying it out for myself, I couldn’t be any happier. This is a great every day cologne that can be worn casually or formally, it’s that versatile! I will happily buy this again!

  35. Shawn Baker

    So originally i felt sketchy on ordering this as most may be, due to that you’re not really sure how the item will turn out. But this has exceeded my expectations, it was placed in fantastic packaging and arrived flawlessly.

  36. Ken Silvas

    Great perfume…strong but not overpowering. Really unique. Lasts 6 to 8 hours on my skin.

  37. Charles Nelson

    It Has a Unique and Lasting Fragrance. I Will Be a Repeat Buyer

  38. Edwin Ordonez

    My woman loves it on me.

  39. Guy Denny

    best perfume EVER!!!! I get the most compliments wearing this.

  40. Johnson Miller

    I was a little bit skeptical about this brand at first but after watching several reviews, I decided to pull the trigger. Bottle arrived quickly and packaged nicely. I would say this perfume didn’t disappoint especially for the price and amount you get. I would definitely buy again.

  41. Joseph Carrino

    I am very satisfied with the delivery and the quality of the product.

  42. Bobby Thomson

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    This is truly a chick magnet as advertised. My girlfriends can’t seem to get their hands off me all the time. haha!

  43. Stephen Green

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  44. Albert Taylor

    Great quality fragrance. Everyone will notice you.

  45. Jason Woods

    Beautiful scent! Just what i needed!!

  46. Brian Buchanan

    Smells awesome. If you like bleu de chanel or dior sauvage this will be right up your alley.

  47. Robin Dutton

    I bought this as a blind buy which I rarely do, I saw so many great reviews and I had to try it. It smells so good! I usually wear Aventus or Club De Nuit Intense for Men. Nice change…Highly recommend.

  48. LeMar Gatson (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness. This stuff is signature scent worthy and I have over 70 bottles of smell goods. Ilike it and so does everyone else that takes a wiff of this masterpiece. If it were in a parfums de marley, creed or by kilian bottle it would sale for 200 to 400 easy

  49. Mike Lawrence

    Wow. Sexy smell, brilliant company to buy it from. Came within days and was packaged perfectly. thanks for a brilliant service.

  50. Daniel Heusler (verified owner)

    Checked this out based on a video on J.C’s YouTube channel, I’d never smelled it and didn’t bother with a sample first. Boy am I glad I ordered it, it’s absolutely fantastic. Unique, strong, great performance, huge fan. So much so that just today I ordered two bottles of their new scent, Summer Vibez. Great job guys!

  51. Zach Hardison


  52. Dapper on a Dime

    I got a sample of this fragrance and I love it. I enjoy it so much that I am keeping my eyes on the website so that once it is restocked I can purchase a full bottle. This scent is intoxicating, masculine, and one that is very appealing to women. I know, my wife loves it. The best part about this fragrance is that you don’t have to worry about it dying out while you’re on a date or out on the town. This one will last all night. I got 12 hours out of it. So if you’re looking for a scent to use to help you pull some ladies this is the one. Women love it, and when you wake up in the morning you’ll still be able to smell it on your way home.

  53. Keith Mitchell

    Patiently waiting for this fragrance to be back in stock. I ordered a sample pack and this is my favorite. Smells better than most designer fragrances that cost a fortune and it lasts for a while.

  54. Rashad Wilson (verified owner)

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  55. Rashad Wilson (verified owner)

    Bought authenticity without sampling first. For such an affordable price, why not? I am not disappointed. Don’t be fooled by the price this is some quality juice. Wasn’t mind blown or super astonished by it at first but it grew on me. I find myself reaching for it more and more. A new summer staple for me. Awesome fragrance.

  56. Sammy Munoz

    Worth every penny. Highly recommend.

  57. Carlos Garza

    I got it in the sample pack. This is quality juice for the price! The more I smell it the more I like it. I’m definitely buying the 60ml!!

  58. Hamilton tyler

    Smells great,, great price ,lasts long time blind by TLTG YouTuber said it was good,, no lie,, it is a great blind buy,, so far all are pretty good, I have 7 working on getting them all.. good stuff great price and smell different,, I love it’s a different smell, not like the main ones everyone owners,, cool to get something different and not cost a huge amount,,

  59. Jim

    Awesome! Fresh.. Citrus blast… creamy fragrance… compliment getter.. Awesome price and better than a lot of name brand stuff in stores

  60. Caleb Libby

    This is me and my wife’s favorite cologne. Wow does it smell amazing. I occasionally wear Cool Water and Azzaro Chrome, which are nice, but nothing compares to this.

  61. Michael Edwards

    It’s making panties drop so I have to give it 5 stars

  62. Tyler Woody

    Ordered the sample pack and purchased this one as my first bottle. The scent is exactly as described and seems like a nice summer / spring scent that I could also wear in the office . Doesn’t project as well as the other scents ( probably die to the oil concentrations). But, projects a moderate amount. Pineapple really comes through! Love this scent !!

  63. kazstudios (verified owner)

    I was one of the lucky persons to win a sample pack and i love every one of the fragrances but this one is for me a special one! I was wearing this when my first son was born! Now for the scent this is in my whole collection is kinda like universal you can wear this for any occasion and is for sure a signature scent! Performance is beast! I wash my shirt and i can still smell this! Best customer service ever!!!

  64. Donovan Morris (verified owner)

    The vibe I get with this is a fruity sweetness with the sweet orange and the lemon. You then get the spiciness with the Rosemary and the Peppercorn which gives it some depth.

    Then as this dries down the Cedar and creamy Sandalwood becomes prominent and enjoyable. Making this fragrance well blended and smooth to my nose.

    This a clean, fresh scent that gives off a vintage/upscale vibe yet modern in the scent profile. Soft yet calm but perfect for spring and summer especially at night. This smells great and is definitely a compliment getter. If you haven’t done so check out Authenticity Perfumes fragrances. They got some fire fragrances in their lineup and yes I’m smelling damn good too!!

  65. Brian Cipparone

    This fragrance should go into every guys rotation. I tend to keep about 3 or 4 on deck at all times and this can compete with my $100 to $200 fragrances all day.

  66. Adrian Adamsky

    Best Fragrance you can use, safe for every situation. I personally use it to work. Not overpowering, nothing offensive, just clean and fresh.

  67. Troy (verified owner)

    I’ve tried 5 of their fragrances and let me tell you this is the best one out of their entire line by far. It really is the sexy fragrance for the gentlemen. It’s fresh, clean, citrusy, woody, aromatic, with a hint of sweetness. You can dress it up you can dress it down. Wear it with a suit and tie. Where it with a tuxedo. This is one of the most versatile fragrances out of any cologne on the market weather it’s from a small indie house, designer house, or niche house. You can wear it any season and any occasion you can possible think of. I will always be buying this fragrance as long as they have it. This fragrance is a 10/10 for me.

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