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L’homme Riche (the rich man) parfum is a fresh, daring, and seductive masculine fragrance that is perfect for virtually any venue or occasion. This fragrance won’t disappoint anyone looking for a perfume with high energy and boundless limits. The top notes of this fragrance are an invigorating blend of bergamot, grapefruit, and lemon. These are the light scents that remain for only the first few hours after application. After the scintillating top notes fade, the middle notes of lavender and clary sage take over followed by base notes of cedarwood, ylang-ylang, and amber.

**This parfum has 50% fragrance oil concentration and guaranteed to last 12 hours or more**

[Release date: May 2020]

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20 reviews for L’HOMME RICHE – PARFUM – 60ML

  1. Bobby Smith

    It smells great. This perfume lingers for a long time and I got compliments from men and women.

  2. George Adams

    This perfume is a beast! Over 3 hours projection and 12 hours longevity as advertised. I ordered a second bottle 🔥 🔥.

  3. Lemar Davis

    This frag house never disappoints when it comes to high quality fragrances. Authenticity for life.

  4. Brian Baynard

    If you want to smell nice and stand out this is an ideal perfume.

  5. Jonathan B.

    it’s worth the price will last a long time and again smells real nice.

  6. Donald Hawkins

    Very good fragrance. Lasts long. Citrus fresh spring summer smell.

  7. Donald Hawkins

    Great smell. Great price. I have 2 bottles, in case they discontinue this fragrance

  8. Robert Allen

    They didn’t lie. This fragrance is highly concentrated judging by the thickness of the oil and performance. It’s super smooth. I highly recommend this.

  9. Mitch Rodgers

    Excellent fragrance for the quality and price. I will definitely buy again.

  10. Ruth Benjamin

    Great price for such a large amount. This is my fiancé’s favorite scent. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great clean scent

  11. James Bailey

    This is the real deal, reminds me of my college days! This is a great men’s fragrance. I’ve tried many and still come back to this one. Great smell and last all day.

  12. Brandon Clark

    Super strong fragrance. I can still smell it on my clothes after one week.

  13. Dapper on a Dime (verified owner)

    L’Homme Riche is probably my favorite fragrance from Authenticity Perfumes. The fragrance begins to really shine about 5-10 minutes after spraying it once all the notes blend and can be noticed together. You’ll pick up hints of light sweetness, citrus, and creaminess. This is a first class scent that lives up to its name. This could easily sell for much more than what it cost. This fragrance is marketed as lasting for at least 12 hours and I can confirm that as I have had well over 12 hours of performance out of this fragrance.

  14. Brad Harlan

    This is me and my wife’s favorite cologne. I occasionally wear Cool Water and Azzaro Chrome, which are nice, but nothing compares to this. Thank you Authenticity Perfumes.

  15. Evan Hall

    Amazing, I do Frag reviews on Instagram, and you will not be let down by this house!

  16. Jermaine James

    Always a favorite. Really lovely smell – it is quite expensive, but you get what you pay for – you can still smell it on your skin at the end of the evening

  17. Philip Lucas

    Smells really good. Lasts a while too worth buying. Every man needs this fragrance.

  18. Harry

    $35 for 60ml of something that lasts this long? Unheard of nowadays. Got this one in the sample pack along with a full bottle of barbershop (which is awesome too) but this is definitely my favorite. Smells great and has impeccable performance to go along with it. I will definitely be picking up a full bottle of this before it sells out!

  19. Pedlar Michael

    Great cologne with a smooth smell. Arrived quickly and at a good price.

  20. Leslie Scott (verified owner)

    I did get a bottle of L’Homme Riche, and all can say is . Do believe the hype . It is a beast . I wore it to work one day, and got wiffs of it for several hours . Then i became nose blind, and presumed it was gone . At the ten hour mark when i was about to leave work . I was leaving the men’s restroom, and a work mate said . Hey man what are you wearing . An i was like, you can smell it . An he was like, when you walked by i could smell it . So yes, it is truly a very long lasting fragrance. An it smells very nice too . One of the girls where i work says, she will be buying it for her husband this Christmas. Another workmate wants a bottle for himself . Has for me . I might get Authenticity . I heard it’s awesome too .

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