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Coffee Lush parfum is a unisex, long-lasting fragrance that contains an exclusive extract of coffee arabica. The sensual touch of caramelized vanilla in combination with chocolate gives the fragrance an unprecedented sweetness. Other notes like butter, coconut, tonka, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and tobacco leaf unite to balance these ingredients in a spectacularly authentic way that…

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Coffee Lush parfum is a unisex, long-lasting fragrance that contains an exclusive extract of coffee arabica. The sensual touch of caramelized vanilla in combination with chocolate gives the fragrance an unprecedented sweetness. Other notes like butter, coconut, tonka, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and tobacco leaf unite to balance these ingredients in a spectacularly authentic way that will have heads turning.

[Release date: January 2022]


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9 reviews for COFFEE LUSH – PARFUM – 60ML

  1. Dm Ancruem

    OMG…Chocolatey-Coffee HEAVEN!!!
    I received my order of “Tobacco Boss” recently and was shocked to see a sample of the very-same fragrance I’ve been considering selling blood to get money to buy…COFFEE LUSH!!!! The fragrance starts out with a fresh but mellow note of caramel. That lasted for at least the first 10 minutes…then there was a bit of a cinnamon flavor that came to the forefront and made me think of those spicy cinnamon candies. That cinnamon note lasted about 5 minutes…and then…THEN…the COFFEE hit me like a mack truck!!! OMG…when the coffee note hits IT HITS!!!
    I mean, think of walking into a gourmet Coffee Shop in the morning right after the morning rush has hit and that super dense smoky cloud of coffee roasting hitting you in the face as soon as you open the door to the shop. Then someone walks up to you with an amazing dish of gourmet chocolates fresh from the oven…*sniff*
    THAT…is what this “Coffee Lush” is like at the 20 minute point after spraying…it’s AMAZING!!!
    I’m writing this review and I’m not even an hour into wearing three sprays from the sampler…but I’m buying my bottle tomorrow because my wife confiscated my sample sprayer after smelling it and threatened to fight me over keeping it!
    That’s the first time she has EVER…..E-V-E-R…..had such a serious reaction to ANY fragrance I’ve ever worn!!!!
    Authenticity…y’all might have found a way to capture the essence of attraction in a bottle.
    *Waves money emphatically*
    I’m spending spending spending!!!

  2. Carlito (verified owner)

    Wowwwww deep rich coffee the notes given are all there and well blended,i don’t get the coconut but I’m sure it’s there I mean it’s delicious gourmand definitely unisex! Wowwwww that coffee note is really popping of my skin! It’s crazy my mom is here visiting from Central America walks in my room and says in Spanish My goodness son what smells so delicious it smells like herbs and spices 🤣🤣🤣. I would say this is more of a night out fragrance create some naughty magic and if you’re bold enough to make it your signature daily scent 1 spray is all you need MAX 2! ENJOY. ✌🏼❤

  3. Didier (

    Having been around coffee for the bulk of my life, first as an observer of the adults drinking it and eventually as a drinker myself, I have always been a fan of its rich and unique aroma, not to talk of its delicious taste and amazing properties.

    The roasted coffee bean on its own has a powerful and certainly inviting aroma. It is also in the neighboring space of chocolate. Now this could just be an associative element for me as coffee and chocolate are never really far apart in my house.

    The social context of coffee is also something uniquely special. Not only does coffee start your day, but it also shared among friends. In my life nearly all friendships have started over coffee, at school and at work. Perhaps my greatest friendship of all was also started over a coffee; Mrs. Style4men.

    Suffice to say that coffee fits in a very special gourmand space in my scent pyramid.

    When our man at Authenticity Perfumes (AP) told me that he was working on a coffee fragrance, I was giddy with anticipation. Every fragrances coming out of the AP shop is a delicious work of art to discover and to wear. Capturing beautiful slices of the world and bottling them.

    Coffee Lush captures the essence of coffee and all of the beauty that comes with it. The fragrance is crafted in such a way that it didn’t remind me of my last Starbuck coffee; it brought me right back to my first cappuccino in Torino, Italy in July 1991.

    Just for that alone, Coffee Lush is a total winner! But there is more to it than its initial coffee bliss. I was very pleased that it worked beautifully throughout the day as a sweet, warm and multi-faceted fragrance.

    Once again AP has delivered something that is: easy to love, powerful, intense, rich, delicious, sensual, and satisfying. And it smells like coffee too!

  4. crazynhl (verified owner)

    Great review DM Acruem! Where Tobacco Boss failed for me this offering is really something. The opening is a rich chocolate and coffee desert, again in Canada reminds me of a Coffee Crisp bar. As it dries down it morphs more inline with a roasted coffee bean aroma, dark but sweet. It has that not quite real coffee note found in pretty much anything coffee flavoured. I really like this, but I can see people around a person not liking this also. If you truly love coffee this puts Halloween X to shame. On another note for this brand, great service, and creative offerings. I wish they appeared on Fragnatica, they deserve to be there and reviewed by the mass critics, but I really want to state how strong and long lasting these fragrances are, these are all great value scents, you will not be disappointed. I think maybe I have been thrown by the names of the fragrances, they are always different than I imagine, but in a good way. My favourites, Barbershop and Citrus Boss. Truly a creative brand with very good prices.

  5. Bobby (verified owner)

    This cologne is excellent and last forever which is extremely a major plus!!! I use this cologne when I go out to lounges and clubs and lets just say I get a lot of “close compliments” from the ladies and even some guys ask what I am wearing. Coffee Lush, is my go to can’t wait to try more from this line!!!

  6. Dana

    This was bought for me by my husband I was looking for my holly grail coffee fragrances that coffee was the main star. THIS IS IT!!! This is the best coffee fragrances ever I love it its strong beadt mode and projects and lasts! I had cashier in gas station demand I tell her what I was wearing and how to get it lol. It’s coffee! But it’s warm sweet buttery and creamy it’s coffee a a breakfast on a Sunday morning it’s amazing

  7. aurabladex93 (verified owner)

    I’ve learned to give these fragrances time before making a final judgement. The first few days the butter accord was really overpowering so I didn’t give use for about a week. It appears to have evened out after sitting in the dark undisturbed and on skin after the first full day wear it’s beast mode and very convincing coffee. Don’t use in heat or spray a lot. It seems like the strongest fragrance in the line. You will make yourself dizzy. I honestly wish it was a little less buttery still but it’s so unique and potent that I have to keep it.

  8. Lee (verified owner)

    This is the BEST coffee fragrance I have ever smelled. I love it way better than any of the Black Opium perfumes that I’ve owned. It starts off smelling buttery and sweet. The dry down makes me think of coffee and waffles at an 80s diner. Only need to spray it once, because the smell will fill an entire 3 bedroom house. Definitely a fall or winter fragrance.

  9. Vanessa (verified owner)

    I have left a review before but just know after buying a bottle, I purchased 6 more of coffee lush! It’s my holy grail coffee fragrance! It’s absolutely delicious and it last for ever!!! I love the butter note in this!!!

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