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Clean Musk parfum is a distinctive scent that brings out sensuality and excitement. Its most intense note is white musk, making it earthy and enchanting, while inherently masculine. As a fragrance, it stands out against others, making a statement when you enter a room. This fragrance comes without being pretentious. In addition to notes of white musk, it contains sandalwood, lime, and bergamot. It is best for everyday use but can be used as a cologne for date nights as well as in the office.

[Release date: April 2022]


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10 reviews for CLEAN MUSK – PARFUM – 50ML

  1. Adam Zandecki

    What a lovely fragrance ! And it lasts for several hours. But it isn’t one of those overpowering smells some sprays have, it’s just “there” if you understand what I mean. But it’s a real masculine fragrance. Well it is to me anyway. It does your ego the power of good when women say “wow, you smell great”

  2. Mark Melvin

    This is great for those nights when your stepping out with the guys looking for a chance to run into a pretty lady and make an impression. Use it sparingly (shoulders, chest, lower back) has a nice warm scent once it settles into your body chemistry. This is for a well dressed man looking for a well dressed lady. 10/10

  3. Chris Levine

    I love this cologne and it will be my daily fragrance onwards. I am in the mid 20s and I think this is perfect for this age. The scent is strong enough to hold pretty much all day and it is vitalizing with a hint of freshness to it. It does give you a positive feel when you wear it but it’s not overwhelming. Many different people I’ve met have liked this and my girlfriend does compliment it to this day so I think it’s a success with women too.

  4. John Twomey (verified owner)

    I just received clean musk. Yes it is a straight up out of the shower crisp clean smell. You can spray the heck out of it and it would not be offensive in any way. I can see this as a great summer scent. It will work anywhere anytime. Good stuff!

  5. aurabladex93 (verified owner)

    Very linear and the projection is more modest than others in the line but that’s presumably all by design. It’s a very exciting fragrance to use compared to the typical soapy ones that fill this role. I would feel confident choosing this for close encounters. The lasting power is indeed high for this category as well. No complaints.

  6. MIKE D

    Authentically musky, very realistic and full bodied musk yet pleasant, airy, kinda soapy. The other (citrus and woody) notes are present just enough to round out any rough edges that some musky fragrances are prone to have, it is subdued yet noticeable if that contrast makes sense. This is versatile year round wearable but I think it would work best in moderate temperatures (50 to 75 degrees fahrenheit). Another good one AP.

  7. Karson Wagner (verified owner)

    I love the fragrance it’s a beautiful blend but unfortunately I can’t give it a full 5 stars because longevity for me is about 3 hours and it’s completely gone and for context I used 5-6 sprays. I love everything about the fragrance but the performances definitely underwhelming.

  8. Troy (verified owner)

    This fragrance is so so so good. It’s not unique, it’s not complex, but it is just so fresh and clean with some citrus from the lime and bergamot and them some creaminess from the sandalwood. This fragrance is one of the most versatile fragrances ever. This can be a signature scent and even though it doesn’t have any sweetness or warmth you can definitely wear this in the fall and winter. This dan be worn any season day or night any occasion and I mean LITERALLY any occasion you can think of. Amazing fragrances.

  9. Troy (verified owner)

    I love this fragrance but it says 50% oil concentration and 12 hours or more guaranteed, but i sprayed this 6 TIMES at 10:30 in the morning and then at about 12:30 you could barely smell it. It was almost gone. Do I need to overspray these fragrances or something?

  10. Wayne Spicer

    Price was reasonable, a little last all day and longer.

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