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Urban King is an exciting combination of spiciness, warmth, and freshness that is sure to appeal to men of all ages. At the top are notes of bergamot, grapefruit, and sweet orange. Meanwhile, heart notes of jasmine, lavender, vetiver, and ginger incorporate earthy vibes that bring a more sensual and vigorous tone to the fragrance. Finally, base notes of tonka bean, musk, and sandalwood solidify this delectable aroma as entirely masculine for the confident and charismatic man.

A classic scent that is intense, charming, pleasant, and perfect for every occasion and season.

**This parfum has 50% oil concentration and guaranteed to last 12 hours or more**

[Release date: August 2020]

12 reviews for URBAN KING – PARFUM – 60ML

  1. Dapper on a Dime

    Terrific fragrance. When I wear this I get a very evening wear type of vibe, but the type of scent that can work in any season or situation. It’s is a modern and very masculine scent that women do seem to enjoy. This is such a versatile fragrance that you can wear this literally any time of the year and for any occasion. The performance is incredible! Over 12 hours on my skin and for such a low price! This is high quality and definitely worth more than what you’ll pay. I don’t think you can go wrong with Urban King. This scent will make you feel like a boss when wearing it.

  2. Richard King

    You’ll want to spray this on before you leave the house, not right before you go inside of wherever you’re going. It’s strong but not overbearing at all. It has a nice projection and exceptional longevity. Definitely is a must have in your collection.

  3. Bruce Hoover

    High quality scent! It lasts at least 8 hours on skin and over 24 hours on clothing!!! I have my coworkers comment on how I smell when we are signing out at the end of a shift.

  4. Brian Bynum

    Excellent price for a classy, subtle, fresh, masculine scent. I would definitely buy again.

  5. Jamie Benson

    So originally i felt sketchy on ordering this as most may be, due to that you’re not really sure how the item will turn out. But this has exceeded my expectations, it was placed in bubble wrap and arrived flawlessly. However all other stuff aside, the actual cologne was incredible, the scent is hard to explain however its very sweet and refreshing. When applying it, it wasnt extremely strong like some however still is definitely an eye-drawing type of cologne, it has one of those smells which isnt artificial and cheap like axe but instead gives a lot of higher quality vibes. The scent lasts for quite a while ive noticed, with a few sprays youre good to go, and if youre trying to catch the attention of another, it will definitely increase your odds. Concluding with it all i would absolutely give this 5 stars, i definitely recommend it as its certainly worth the buy.

  6. Evan

    Amazing, I do Frag reviews on Instagram, and you will not be let down by this house!

  7. Donovan Morris (verified owner)

    One of the best purchases I made. Urban King smells amazing!! I reviewed this on Instagram and I had to show love. Great longevity and sillage. Authenticity Perfumes is a great house with great fragrances. Salute.

  8. j. Knight

    this is the good stuff that gets all the ladies attention.

  9. Michael Joseph

    My boy J. C. talked about this fragrance. Wow! This is a scent of sophistication and the epitome of class. Can make a poor man feel noble. Not obnoxious and not over powering. Subtle and very elevating. 100% sold on it.

  10. Vincent Tucker

    Best smelling cologne for men ever! Would never buy anything else.

  11. Brian Hoffman

    Makes my woman wet asf !!! She can’t keep her hands off me ! Thanks so much for making this !!

  12. Adam

    Pretty solid. Not as loud as Barber Shop, in a good way. I get a fresh and clean vibe from it. I’ll most likely use it as an office fragrance here and there. Very good performance.

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