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Suede Mist parfum is a masculine fragrance for the sophisticated modern man. Top notes of lemon, lime, fig, bergamot, apple & cassis excite the senses and set the stage for the richness and complexity that is to come. Heart notes of lavender, marine notes, ozone, cyclamen, anise, chamomile, pink peppercorn, tobacco leaves, jasmine, lilly & clove simmer over the fruity accords. Finally, base notes of suede (leather), smoky sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, orris, frankincense, black amber, musk, oakmoss & guaiac wood add a classic sophistication to the experience.

**This fragrance has 50% oil concentration and is guaranteed to last 12 hours or more**

[Release date: November 2022]


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4 reviews for SUEDE MIST – PARFUM – 60ML

  1. James Norton

    Fruity, leathery and long-lasting. If you are looking for the perfect signature scent, look no further. Just buy it. You won’t regret it.

  2. Lambert Edward

    I have a $300 cologne that has received less compliments than this one. This is my first cologne from AP and I love it. I received multiple compliments the first time I used it as opposed to others. I almost do not want to give it such a raving review to prevent more guys from buying it for fears of running into someone locally with the same scent. Lol

  3. Steven Hill

    Great smelling clean scent that last all day and even smelled it the next day getting into the shower. Well worth the money.


    This is perhaps one of AP’s most complex arrangement. It is also taking a step in a new direction.

    SUEDE MIST has a classic and mature foundation onto which colourful elements are sprinkled.

    For my nose, the sandalwood – amber come first, followed by leather and wood and wrapped in subtle and delicate citrus/fruit bliss. Instead of being the stars of the show; the lemon, lime, apple are almost background participants.

    Suede being a softer experience than leather, I find that the name was well chosen as the leather presence is real, but it is a considerably softer arrangement.

    This being a parfum I am getting 4+ hours with 2 sprays.

    This is not a loud arrangement, but still does project a little more than my personal space.

    Fresh classic-modern!
    If you are looking for a niche fragrance with mass-appeal, SUEDE MIST is for you.

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