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Green Aura parfum is a fresh, seductive fragrance that opens up with the zesty notes of pineapple, lime, green apple, spearmint, bergamot, and soothing lavender. At the fragrance’s heart lie cannabis, patchouli, and gardenia – a synergistic trio that furthers the lush green, herbal accord. Advancing the theme are the base notes of cedarwood and musk. In sum, this fragrance is pure, uplifting, and distinctive. Long-lasting with a moderate sillage, it is well-suited to daytime wear in the spring, summer, and fall months.

**This fragrance has a 50% oil concentration**

[Release date: January 2022]


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7 reviews for GREEN AURA – PARFUM – 60ML

  1. Cody Miller

    Great masculine scent that smells very classy, lingers well and comes off very fresh.

  2. Victoria Martinez

    Smells amazing!!!!! Fresh and clean like just out of the shower fresh….. Guys this is a must have… got for my hubby and I just can’t handle it sometimes we have to sneak off for some mommy and daddy time 😉☺️

  3. Cort keon (verified owner)

    It’s just not good…. It’s FUCKING GREAT!!! It’s smells AMAZING upon initially spraying… it’s definitely more fruity but the dry down is sorta sweet like a green jolly rancher and the green fabuloso cleaner lol BUT VERY FRESH!!! This could def be unisex. IT DOES NOT SMELL CHEAP AT ALL!!!! This is a SNATCH for such a low price omg. 10 outta 10 I would DEF recommend!!! And no I’m not a fuckin fake review.. LOVE IT! Will be buying more!!!!

  4. Cort keon (verified owner)

    So far I can tell that GREEN AURA is gonna be a COMPLIMENT BEAST!!! This is definitely ORIGINAL! Never smelled a cologne like this. This would be a great signature everyday scent! the shipping quality was great as well. Fast and EASY! They actually CARE about the condition of the product before it arrives and that means the world. Love that. I blind bought this and I’m extremely satisfied.. and that’s rare because I’m the picky type but Green Aura is every-fucking-thing. Sorry for profanity but I’m excited lol 10 out of 10!! (VERIFIED OWNER) 😉

  5. mdevose (verified owner)

    Another blind buy, but not disappointed at all. Unisex but leans slightly masculine. Unique, zesty, bright green scent. The green character is coming from tart green apple and lime, very juicy. That’s what I get mostly. the mint is in the backround, but adds some additional character. Not picking up on the cannabis and patchouli that much but my review is after my first wear after getting my new bottle. The first few hours are very strong and bright and it projects really good. The pineapple is also very noticeable in the opening and lasts for quite a while. I’ve never smelled fruity green notes paired with pineapple like this, very pleasant. All the fruity notes are blended so well, yet you can detect them all individually. It dries down very smooth a tad woodsy and musky/clean.

    Last note – this layers well with Fresh Boss 4.0

    AP, you got another banger in Green Aura.

  6. aurabladex93 (verified owner)

    Don’t let the green color and matching notes of green apple and cannabis fool you. This does not overlap with Summer Vibez at all. There is no tanginess to it because of the lack of orange and bergamot, In my opinion it’s actually more similar to the limited edition now gone Summer Vibez 4.0 because of the easily discernable candy pineapple, so if you missed out on that this has some of that feel but the pineapple falls to the back a bit and gets balanced by the spearmint. The mid is where it gets impressive. The heart notes just keep pushing and pushing 4 – 5+ hours later. It’s not loud but you constantly are aware of the earthy sillage bubble around you. The heart notes are where it shines. New top 3 Summer Vibez, Green Aura, and L’homme Riche.

  7. Justin Porter (verified owner)

    This one has a promising opening upon first spray. There is green apple, but not a sour green apple. It is round, grassy, and lightly sweetened, with pear nuances. Slowly, light florals appear. I do not detect any heady gardenia or cannabis thankfully. These, to my nose, are more in the clean magnolia and soft violet direction. The drydown, however, has a tenacious plastic note I can’t get past. It is the smell of a children’s inflatable pool, brand new out of the bag. I wish this one had amped up the patchouli and went in a more natural, fougere direction. Definitely not terrible, but cannot hold a candle to Silver Luxe, my favorite from this company.

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